Ash Tree Removal in Mansfield OH

Ash trees are one of the most famous and fast growing trees in both the fields and forests of Ohio. They are harvested from and utilized to make tool handles, fixtures, furniture, baseball as well as firewood. Its timber is considered the best. Under normal conditions, an Ash tree can grow up to approximate height of 60-70 feet and a width of 45-50 feet. It has an upright oval shape when it is still young and upright when it has fully matured. Read on for more information from our tree service company in Mansfield OH.

What are Ash trees in Mansfield OH useful for?

Ash trees can be a significant piece of the landscape. A properly nurtured fiery ash tree can increase property cost, give environmental advantages, for example, runoff and erosion mitigation, and reduction of electricity charges using shading a household. Some of the qualities to consider while determining the value include;

  • a tree's general health, shape, location on the landscape
  • appearance through the seasons
  • whether or not a tree provides shading.

A healthy ash tree properly located in the landscape in Ohio has an attractive shape and excellent fall shading.

Removing Ash trees

If you possess an ash tree in your yard, there are usually two options involved which are treating it or removing it. If you fail to treat your ash tree with prescribed insecticides, it will eventually die of emerald ash borer (EAB).  Dying ash trees or already dead ones can be hazardous and must be cut down. Sometimes, it might have been infested with the emerald ash borer, and the owner must cut it down.

All these situations, necessitate ash tree removal.

Why do I need to have my Ash tree removed?

A Dead ash tree can be significant if it is in the forest since it provides a beautiful habitat for many animals and plants that live in the woods. However, if it is in people's yards, it may cause harm. If a tree falls or its branches, it will lead to damage of the property as well as people who might be near the trees.

Cutting down ash trees might be costly depending on its location, its size, or the condition. But as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It is better to have it cut down by Chompers Tree Service to prevent further damage.

Individuals who fail to get rid of dead ash trees promptly because of the costs related might find it hard to remove it at a long run. If your dead tree is along the streets or in your yard, it might be hazardous thus calls for immediate removal. A tree located far away from the homesteads and is likely to cause less or no harm.

Another reason to remove ash tree in your yard is that in case it is of poor health, it is very prone to EAB and should be eliminated. Due to its compromised health, it will interfere with the effectiveness of the insecticide. To facilitate the efficiency of the insecticide, the tree must be healthy. It is to enable transportation of the insecticide throughout the trunk, branches and to the leaves. This is true for insecticides applied to the soil, injected into the trunk, and sprayed around the base of the trunk or onto the leaf canopy. Therefore, an ash tree of ill health cannot efficiently distribute the insecticide to provide the systemic protection required against EAB. In this case, removal will be necessary and efficient as compared to treatment.

The decision to get rid of the ash tree depends wholly on you. While there are various successful treatment choices, they regularly last just 1-2 years and should be repeated for the life of the tree. If in a case about 35% of the canopy is dead, then consider the treatment ineffective.

Getting rid of a beloved tree is an emotional decision to make. However, since the ash tree is unstable and hazardous, you will have to make this tough choice of removing it. In this process, you should hire a trained and skilled arborist to execute the work. There are regulations put in place to control the risk of EAB. These rules help communities and homesteads to ensure proper disposal of woods. The choice of hiring an expert is essential.

Chompers Tree Service is the top choice for Ash Tree Removal in Mansfield OH.

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