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Trees are one of nature’s greatest gift to our lives. They provide us with endless benefits, from giving us a nice cool shade in the burning hot sun, to giving us useful timber. We have also used trees to beautify out backyards, build treehouses and even host beautiful birds. However, there comes a time when you have to cut down that tree. This could be to build a structure, road or just make some adjustments to your parcel of land. As much as cutting down a tree is easy, you need to remove the well rooted tree stumps as well as manage the trunk and branches that get scattered all over. That’s where Chomper’s Tree Removal comes in, to help out with all your emergency tree removal needs in Mansfield & Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Over the years, man has worked to come up with better and more efficient ways of dealing with tree stumps. We started off with manual stump removal where laborers would dig out the stump, a practice carried out up to date, and later advanced to more mechanized methods doing away with tree stumps. We will take a look at some of the commonly used methods and those used for emergency tree removal in Mansfield & Mount Vernon Ohio.

Before we look at tree stumps lets go over a few rules when cutting down the tree:

Clear out the entire area
The last thing you want is the tree landing on your precious car or on your child tricycles, so make sure you remove any obstacles from the area where the tree may land. In addition, create two escape routes for when the tree comes tumbling down.

Check the side where the tree leans
This should be the first thing to put into consideration as you plan to bring the tree down. Unless you want to be the next funny internet clip, make sure you prepare for the tree to fall onto the side where it leans.

Know the Undercut and the Back cut
Conventionally, the undercut should be a 90-degree V shape done to a depth of a quarter of the trees diameter. The back cut on the other hand, should be done on the other side of the undercut, two inches higher than the hinge pint of the back cut.

If all the intricacies around cutting the tree seem stressing, you could always get a professional tree removal company like Chompers Tree Service in Mansfield & Mount Vernon Ohio to help you out.

Now to tree stumps
Man’s creativity was let loose when it comes to methods of accomplishing this. They include;

  1. Burning: This method involved setting a blaze the tree stump and letting it burn to the ground. It has however been said to not be very effective since charcoal formed underneath is not easy to decompose.
  2. Grubbing: This method requires a small caterpillar and some bit of digging. You have to carry out suitable digging, free out the roots and then use the caterpillar to remove the stump.
  3. Grinding: This is one of the most preferred methods of dealing with stumps especially for emergency tree removal Mount Vernon Ohio. The tree stump is grinded by a mechanized machine down to below the ground surface.

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“Excellent job done at a multiple unit apartment complex with a huge dead tree that overhung sidewalk and a new roof. No mess, no fuss, one call did it all. In a few hours the job was done with no clue left as to the enormous task that had just been expertly completed.”

- Barbara Noblit

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