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Today we want to spend a little time going over the importance of managing your ash trees. The key word that most people neglect is the term “manage”.

The definition of manage is:
To direct professional care
To treat with care
To handle or direct with a degree of skill

What the definition does NOT say is go and cut down every ash tree on your property! Yes, the emerald ash borer is certainly creating havoc and disease to our Ohio ash crop, and that is all the more reason to manage them. Here at Timber Valley Ranch, an Ohio certified tree farm, we rely on the expertise of Ohio service foresters as well as private contract foresters. After multiple visits to our farm, both given us the same advice; don’t cut very ash tree down. Just like every species alive, they have the ability to adapt and survive. However, those that are unable to adapt become diseased trees and, if left standing, will die. Diseased trees with ash borers need to come down. Please visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture for more information. Some of these trees are standing dead. Many were identified in Ohio back in 2003.


This past Thursday, we had a contracted job removing 21 diseased trees. 8 of those trees created certain danger to the homeowner’s house and deck. 2 of the trees had to be climbed by our professional tree care experts and then chopped down because of their dangerous over-lean. The removal of trees create growth opportunity for new undergrowth , which brings habitat for animals, rabbits, and other Ohio woodland creatures. As a tree farm owner, I love seeing growth and maturity of trees; big, grand, and healthy. By taking down diseased ash, not all ash trees, you create a wonderful environment of growth and nutrient rich soil because of limb, leaf decomposition for seedlings, saplings and even 10 year old trees. This allows for healthy trees to flourish, creating a certain amount of pride for home and land owners. Removing those 21 diseased trees gave multiple red oaks and maples a great chance of growing to maturity and grandeur.
Ash tree removal creates a now safer environment and opportunity for families to come together and enjoy some good old fashioned outside fun whether we leave the wood for you to enjoy inside your fire placed or friends and family gathering around a campfire. We can also remove the wood for you if there is no need for it and grind out the stump; leaving you with direction for new planting and growth plans.

If you live in Richland, Ashland, Knox, Crawford, Marion, or Morrow county Chompers Tree Service team of tree care experts will help direct your needs and allow your property to flourish!

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“Excellent job done at a multiple unit apartment complex with a huge dead tree that overhung sidewalk and a new roof. No mess, no fuss, one call did it all. In a few hours the job was done with no clue left as to the enormous task that had just been expertly completed.”

- Barbara Noblit

“Great service and great guys! Very professional and efficient workers. Highly recommended.”

- Megan Walker

“We hired Chompers for removing a big tree. Very prompt, response time was excellent! Safety was #1 priority. Very pleased with clean up and removal, and the overall john. I would recommend them to anyone!"

- Mr. Hitchman

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