Why Choose Chompers Tree Service
in Mansfield OH?

Because in Mansfield OH, "We Make Even Paul Bunyan Jealous."

All Work is Led by Professional Tree Care Specialists in Mansfield OH.

Our tree service in Mansfield OH has the most competitive prices and the best quality of service of any tree company in the area. All work is led by a professional tree care specialist, individuals with as much as three generation’s experience. Generational training and know how allows Chompers to prescribe the best plan of action for your tree needs affordably and efficiently.

Highly Experienced Crews

Train, train, train
All Chomper crews have total knowledge of the tree care industry. All work will be done promptly with total respect for your property and ours. We will remain safe at all times. All tree specialists are highly trained with the proper equipment for each specific job. Chompers has the latest and coolest equipment available to complete all work without delay, everything from bucket trucks to bulldozers, to the appropriate saws.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Chompers Tree Service specialists are equipped with the most current tools available to complete any size job as rapidly as possible, and with as little interruption to your everyday life. Choppers is well equipped with anything from chainsaws to bucket trucks to grinders and chippers to make sure there is as little impact to the environment around each job, and that each job is finished as rapidly as possible.

Lightning Responsiveness

Chompers Tree Service specialists are always punctual with 24 hour estimates, upfront pricing, no hidden fees, fast and reliable service, immediate emergency response, and free estimates.

Quality Service

Chompers Tree Service always demands the most from ourselves first before we even get to a job so we can always give homeowners the quality of work they deserve and desire.


Chompers Tree Service is a qualified HEAP vendor.


Chompers Tree Service believes nothing more, nothing less, when it comes to your tree care needs. We always try to keep all trees if possible and if not we prescribe the best possible solution for every homeowner's desired needs.

Full-service Tree Care

Chompers Tree Service provides all your tree care needs from lot clearing, trimming, pruning, fire wood, stump removal, and tree removal.

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